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Updated: Jun 18, 2019

The approach of Ayurveda towards taking care of ones heart and keeping it healthy is worth considering, keeping in mind the significant increase in the number of people prone to major risk factors associated with heart diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and stress.

As suggested in Maharishi Ayurveda a holistic approach, apart from diet alone is a sure way of maintaining a healthy heart.

Reducing mental stress is the first step towards improving health of the heart. High levels of stress and heart diseases are interlinked. A recent study report by the American Medical Association has revealed that people practicing Transcendental Meditation Techniques had lesser symptoms that lead to abdominal obesity, high cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which means the lesser the stress levels, the lower the chances of heart diseases.

Secondly, diet plays an important role in heart health. Switching over to fresh fruits and vegetables and bidding adieu to non-vegetarian foods is a good step taken towards maintaining a healthy heart. Ayurveda suggests sweet juicy fruits, asparagus, green leafy vegetables and sweet lassi as nourishment for the heart and discarding foods containing trans fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

When the digestion becomes weak toxins tends to develop in the body. It is suggested that cleansing or detoxifying the body with ayurvedic treatments could help.

As irregular sleeping habits could lead to depression, stress, obesity and hypertension, Ayurveda suggests adopting an early to bed and early to rise policy. Drinking a cup of warm milk adding Rose Petal Preserve at bed time could help in catching a sound sleep. Mild exercise everyday could pay high rewards for maintaining a healthy heart in the long run. Incorporating a thirty minutes walk into ones daily morning schedule will not only increase the good cholesterol (HDL) levels, but also protects and strengthens the heart by reducing all the risk factors associated with heart diseases.

Culturing healthy emotions is also a necessary step to be taken towards maintaining a healthy heart. Hence avoid confrontations, practice yoga and meditation, and take time to see the brighter side of life to keep your heart bubbling with health.

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