Health Benefits of Shatavari Plant in Ayurvedic Medicine

Shatavari is a natural remedy long used in ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India). Sourced from the Asparagus racemosus plant and available in dietary supplement form, shatavari is said to offer a variety of


Preliminary studies suggest that shatavari may contain a number of compounds with health-promoting effects, including several types of antioxidants.


In alternative medicine, shatavari is touted as a treatment for the following health problems:

anxietybronchitisconstipation diabetesdiarrheaheartburnindigestionirritable bowel syndromemenopausal symptomspremenstrual syndromeulcers

In addition, shatavari is said to alleviate pain, support alcohol withdrawal, sharpen memory, boost the immune system, and protect against cancer.

Shatavari is also thought to act as an aphrodisiac, as well as stimulate the production of breast milk in nursing mothers. 

According to practitioners of ayurveda, shatavari possesses cooling, calming properties that can help to soothe and balance vata and pitta (two of the three doshas). Often used to enhance reproductive and digestive health, shatavari is also said to have rejuvenating and nourishing effects.

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